WiseGiving Charity Logo

WiseGiving Charity Logo

All WiseGiving Charities are entitled to use the "WiseGiving Charity" logo. By using the logo, a charity listed on www.WiseGiving.org.hk agrees to be accountable to the public by making its information publicly available, so as to enable donors to better understand its work, governance and finances. WiseGiving Charities may display this logo on their websites and publications as an indication of their support for charity accountability.

How to become a WiseGiving Charity?

Charities join WiseGiving on a voluntary and self-reporting basis. To be listed on the WiseGiving website, charities must:

1. be a locally registered charitable organization which is exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance;
2. be willing to disclose and regularly update accountability information, which includes organizational brief, service delivery and reporting, governance, financial situation and fundraising principles, on the WiseGiving website;
3. submit annual report and audited financial statements for annual validation.
Donors or grant-making bodies may also encourage their grantees to join this platform.


How to join?

WiseGiving opens for new application between December and February annually. Organizations that wish to join WiseGiving are invited to complete and return "The Orange Checkbox", in both English and Chinese, to WiseGiving Office altogether with the following attachments:

  • A certified true copy of the approval letter issued by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance;
  • A copy of proof of registration (for example, the Certificate of Incorporation, Societies Ordinance or the Laws of Hong Kong);
  • A copy of your most recent audited financial statement;
  • A copy of your most recent annual report.
Upon your submission, a due diligence process will be conducted and additional information will be requested as when necessary. WiseGiving will notify applicant charities in writing whether they are eligible to join WiseGiving or not. The due diligence process will be conducted annually upon the renewal of service.

Download "The Orange Checkbox".


Is there any annual fee for WiseGiving Charities?

With the generous support of sponsors, WiseGiving does not charge any annual fee.


What are the responsibilities of WiseGiving Charities?

WiseGiving charities must be accountable to the public. In case a complaint is made on a WiseGiving charity, HKCSS will act in accordance to the following Compliant Mechanism:
1. Identifiable complaints in relation to the charity accountability issues will be handled.
2. An independent committee will be formed to steer the investigation when necessary.
3. Charities will be required to take corrective actions if the complaint is found to be genuine.

Charities will be de-listed or special remarks will be made on the WiseGiving website if charities fail to uphold ethics and credibility in relation to the disclosure of charity accountability information.


How to update charity information on WiseGiving?

To remain listed on WiseGiving, charities are required to update their accountability information between December and February annually. To facilitate the update process, charities only need to fill in items where changes have been made, especially on the governance and financial situation, using the Orange Checkbox (download here). Please email the Checkbox to the WiseGiving Office together with the e-copies of your organization's latest audited financial statement and annual report. Verified information will be released on the WiseGiving website every April.

To know more about how to become a WiseGiving Charity, please click here.

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