User Manual

1. Introduction  
2. Search Charities
2.1 - 2.2 How to search?
  2.3 - 2.7 Search result
  2.8 Invite charity to disclose info on WiseGiving
2.9-2.10 Charities & their subsidiaries
  2.11 Print search result
  2.12-2.13 Advanced Search
  2.14 Report violation
  2.15 Return to main page
3. Search licensed public fundraising activities
3.1-3.3 Types of licenses for public fundraising activities
4. Giving Tips
4.1 Tips for Wise Giving
4.2 Charity Accountability
4.3 WiseGiving Channel
4.4 Publication
4.5 Donor's FAQ
4.6 Small Charities
4.7 Your Opinion
5. Accessibility Statement

1. Introduction

Welcome to WiseGiving!! This electronic platform aims to provide a more comprehensive, effective and efficient tool for charitable giving. The website is an innovation that reflects HKCSS's missions:

  • Enhancing accountability of social welfare service agencies;
  • Promoting improvement of social welfare services;
  • Facilitating agencies to better serve the community;
  • Advocating equality, justice, social integration and a caring society;
  • Setting the local welfare sector as a model of excellence in the international community.

The navigation guide will provide an easy-to-use overview of the functions and operation of the WiseGiving website. All the charities listed are based on the database of tax-exempt charities approved by the Inland Revenue Department, and WiseGiving website will be constantly updated accordingly.

To start with, please go to the main page.

2. Search Charities

How to search?

  2.1 On the left hand side of the main page, there is a search engine called ‘Search Tax-Exempt Charities' where you can look up all Hong Kong charities that are exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.
2.2 The system can search these charities with exact input, and also provide potential charities based on the names of charity or the keywords you type in.

(For ‘Advanced Search', please refer to 2.12–2.13)

  Search result
  2.3 After pressing the ‘Search' button Submit, you will enter the search resultpage where the system will generate a list of charities that match or are similar to your input. The exact match or most likely charities are always placed on the top of the list. (*p.s. no whether which language version is used, charities' Chinese and English names are always shown)
2.4 If the search result is a WiseGiving Charity (indicated by a WiseGiving Charity logo WiseGiving on the right), you will also find the charity's service description and 5 pictorial icons of ‘accountability standards' in addition to its Chinese and English name and the effective date of becoming a tax-exempt charity. (*p.s. Information are provided by charities on a voluntary & self-reporting basis, and being validated by HKCSS WiseGiving)
2.5 Press the name of a WiseGiving Charity, you will find details of the organization which includes its mission, contact info, backgrounds, core services, achievements and pioneer projects. You can also find out the accountability standards of the charity by clicking the 'Accountability Standards' button. The same accountability standards can also be found by clicking one of the 5 pictorial icons on the search result page. Search Result
2.6 If the result is a non-WiseGiving Charity, you can find basic information of the organization: Chinese and English name, the effective date of becoming tax-exempt charity as of the IRD database.
2.7 To provide more info on these charities, we link the charity name with its website (if available). By pressing the name of a non-WiseGiving Charity, you may be led to its official website for viewing.
  Invite charity to disclose info on WiseGiving
  2.8 Moreover, you are encouraged to invite non-WiseGiving Charities to join our WiseGiving membership by clicking 'Invite' button Invite on the right . By becoming a WiseGiving Charity, the charity is required to meet our accountability standards and disclose their info for public access. It aims to benefit all users with better knowledge of the charity for making donation decisions.
Charities & their subsidiaries
2.9 If the charity is the mother organization with one or more than one affiliate organization(s), a 'Subsidiaries' button Subsidiaries will be displayed . Press the button and you will find a list of the charity's subsidiaries as well as their websites (if available).
2.10 The affiliates usually bear similar names to your primary search result and they always have descriptions stating the names of their mother organizations.
Print search result
  2.11 You can press 'Print' button Print on the right side under the search window to print out the search result list including subsidiaries.
Advanced Search
2.12 You can choose to search from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) database or WiseGiving membership record.

Advanced Search

In the IRD section, you can search charities by the following categories:
1) Name of Charity/Keyword,
2) Date of Becoming Tax-exempt Charities
3) Recent Month Registered Tax-exempt Charities

In WiseGiving membership section, you can search charities with more specific criteria:
1) Name of Charity/Keyword,

2)  Core Services (total 14 categories, such as, Animals Protection, Arts & Culture, Children and Youth, Elderly, Emergency Relief, Environment and Conservation, Family and Communities, Health & Medicine, Human Rights, People with Disability, Poverty, School Education, Sports, Women),
3) Year of Establishment,
4) Charity Size by Total Expenses,
5) Agency Member of the HKCSS,
6) Member Agency of the Chest,
7) Subvented by the Social Welfare Department
2.13 If you press 'Reset' button Reset, all functions will be set default.
Report violation
  2.14 In order to promote the WiseGiving Charities' continuous effort to maintain and improve their accountability standards (governance, finances, fundraising, service quality and transparency), there is a 'Report Violation' Report Violation button at the bottom of the charity's profile for viewers to report violation on the inaccuracy of the charities' data at WiseGiving. You can type messages explaining what goes wrong about the data and forward to WiseGiving. WiseGiving will carry out investigation by verifying the information with the parties involved and ask the charities to correct their data at WiseGiving if necessary.
2.15 If you press the below heading, you will go back to the main page.
3. Search licensed public fundraising activities
3.1 There are 4 license types:
1)  Temporary Hawker License, which is intended for charities involved in street fundraising by selling items without donation boxes.
2)  Public Subscription Permit for flag days, which is intended for all Flag Days.
3)  Public Subscription Permit for approved charitable fund-raising activities, which is intended for charities involved in fundraising through setting up donation boxes or organizing charity sales in public places.
4)  Lottery License, which is intended for charities involved in selling lottery tickets (such as lucky draw).
3.2 Please note that it is possible for a single charity to obtain more than 1 license for fundraising activities. In such case, each of the approved fundraising activities of the search result will be listed respectively.
3.3 Please hyperlink to GovHK ( for “Approved Charitable Fund-raising Activities”.
4. Giving Tips
4.1 Tips for Wise Giving
There are three separate sheets of tips for donors, namely, Individual, Corporate and Foundation. Each page has a list of questions. Press the questions and you will be led to answer pages. By clicking the ‘Back' button, you can go back to the previous pages.
4.2 . Charity Accountability
This page gives you a comprehensive summary of charity accountability. You can click on the indexes and sub-indexes for further information.
  4.3 WiseGiving Channel
You will find celebrities and donors sharing their views on charitable giving.
  4.4 Publication
Check out our e-book to read 9 wisegiving stories and be inspired!
  4.5 Donor's FAQ
You will find a list of frequent questions that donors often ask. Press the questions and you will be led to answer pages.
  4.6 Small Charities
This section features WiseGiving Charities that are of relatively small operations (less than 50 employees) and nevertheless, they meet social needs with specialized services.
  4.7 Your Opinion
You are most welcome to give your feedback on the WiseGiving website.After filling in the questionnaire, please don't forget to leave your comments for us. Upon completion of your questionnaire, please press the 'Submit' button Submit. You can also press 'Back' buttonBack to set the questionnaire to the default.
6. Accessibility Statement
  This website adopts web accessibility design and conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA standard. Should you have any enquiries or comments on its accessibility, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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