About WiseGiving

About WiseGiving

WiseGiving is an initiative of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service launched in late 2007. It aims to enhance charity accountability and transparency in Hong Kong. The website www.WiseGiving.org.hk is an effective platform for donors to learn about charity information such as governance and finances. The target goes beyond the members of the Council, covering all sorts of charities in Hong Kong and beyond.

WiseGiving Charity Logo

WiseGiving Charity Logo

All WiseGiving Charities are entitled to use the "WiseGiving Charity" logo. By using the logo, a charity listed on www.WiseGiving.org.hk agrees to be accountable to the public by making its information publicly available, so as to enable donors to better understand its work, governance and finances. WiseGiving Charities may display this logo on their websites and publications as an indication of their support for charity accountability.

How does WiseGiving work?

For NGOs to be listed on the WiseGiving website, they must upload its mission, structure, activities, governance and finance information. Verification on genuineness and accuracy of the information provided will be processed by the WiseGiving office. This will generally be done through document checking, telephone contacts, interviews or even site visits.

Upon completion of the verification, the information will be uploaded and disclosed on the WiseGiving website (www.WiseGiving.org.hk). Through public education campaigns, we encourage the public to visit the website and make informed giving choices.

The validity of information is one year, starting from the date of uploading the information on the WiseGiving website. Organizations are required to file their information in consecutive years in order to remain listed on WiseGiving. The status would be revoked if the organizations are unable to abide.

Who will benefit?

With the information provided in the WiseGiving website, individual donors, companies and foundation grantmakers are in a better position to make informed decisions and wise giving choices. They are better informed about how the money is spent and how their gifts contribute to the community. Donors will give more generously if charities can demonstrate their accountability. With public support to serve critical social needs, charities will be able to change the lives of the underprivileged and benefit the community as a whole.

WiseGiving supports donors and foundations in identifying beneficiaries.

While it is not a fundraising platform, WiseGiving will support individual, corporate and other donors, including foundations, to identify and match beneficiaries. Indeed, some foundations have indicated that they will give preference to those NGOs listed in WiseGiving. Organizers of public fundraising campaigns have also worked with us to identify beneficiaries through the WiseGiving channel.

If you have any queries...

WiseGiving is a public platform. We welcome any comments or queries on the operation and content of the website. We endeavour to do our best to clarify and verify the information provided by individual charities, particularly when queries arise. However, the information provided in the website is for reference only, and our Council cannot accept any liability for any decisions made according to the information provided.

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