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Hong Kong People are always generous in giving. Whenever we care and are moved, we are willing to give. However, an informed donation from a caring heart can bring forth even greater and more sustainable impact to those in need. This book introduces WiseGiving, the new giving attitude, with substantial giving tips and shows the changes brought forth to the beneficiaries through nine inspiring stories.

  • This Is Not a Book Appealing for Donations by Bernard Chan
  • Cultivating a WiseGiving Culture in Hong Kong by Christine Fang
What is WiseGiving
  • The New Giving Attitude
  • Linking Up Donors and Charities
  • Providing Efficient Donation Platforms
Be Inspired... 9 WiseGiving Stories
  • My Name Is Not Double Disengaged
    • Ah Lun Finds Direction in Life Through "Sail" Program
  • A Carrier Bag Filled with Hope
    • Lam Wai-ying, Beneficiary of Community Foodbank
  • Rising from the Ruins
    • Post-quake Relief Service in Sichuan
  • An Imperfect Heart, A Sweet Life
    • Prairie with a Congenital Heart Condition
  • "Home" Nurtures Willpower
    • Zenon, Who Spent 7 Years in a St.Christopher's Home
  • Story of a Quest for Happy Twilight Years
    • Ah Chiu Learns the Secret to Happiness from Stroke Mutual Support Group
  • Hope Seen in Cultural Difference
    • Maya's Family from Nepal
  • To Help Bring Grief to Closure
    • Wan Tse, Funeral Support Volunteer
  • Growth Catalyzed on Basketball Court
    • Frankie, Participant of Slam Dunk Basketball Challenge
  • Postscript: Everyone Can Change the World
Be a WiseGiver
  • WiseGiving Guide
  • www.WiseGiving.org.hk
  • WiseGiving Partners
  • Sponsors & Supporting Organizations
  • WiseGiving Charities
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