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Name of Organization Action For REACH OUT
Mission Action for REACH OUT (AFRO) is an organisation for and of female sex workers.

We believe that for the advancement of society, every individual should have her or his personal freedom, dignity and basic human rights protected and promoted. The society should embrace diversity and facilitate the efforts of all sectors to bring about necessary social change to enable all persons to enjoy their human rights.

Embracing these beliefs, we work for the social inclusion of female sex workers, one of the most marginalised and discriminated groups in Hong Kong society, so that they can enjoy equal treatment and access to all legal and health rights. We hold that decriminalisation and recognition of "women in prostitution" as "workers in the sex industry" is an essential condition for their ability to stand up and speak out on their own behalf as well as to participate in social and political affairs.
Core Services 1. To provide all-round services and support to female sex workers, including drop-in centre, outreach visits, hotline, referral, legal consultation, HIV and STI screening tests, health and rights education, and skills training etc.

2. Through peer education, to facilitate sex workers to develop their own support network, to speak out on their own behalf and to participate in social affairs.

3. Through public education, advocacy and research, to enhance communication and mutual understanding between sex workers and the general public, to work for social inclusion of sex workers, so that they can enjoy equal treatment and access to all legal and health rights.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:
Since it was formally established in 1993, AFRO has developed close relationship with women working in the sex industry in Hong Kong, including those from Hong Kong, Mainland China, the Philippines and Thailand etc. Our outreach activities cover streets, one-woman apartments, hair-salons, karaokes, nightclubs and bars etc. in different areas in Hong Kong. (Annual number of outreach contacts: about 2500.)

Our drop-in centre located in Kowloon has also become very popular among sex workers. (Annual number of visits: about 1500.) Activities held include rights, health and life skills education, empowerment programme, peer education, skills training, free legal and medical consultation, counselling, interest class and celebration activities etc.

Pioneer projects:
The AFRO Clinic was established in 2007. It is a project funded by the AIDS Trust Fund, with which we work with the School of Public Health of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It has been providing HIV and STI screening tests and gynecological inspections to sex workers and is engaged in health promotion and HIV and STI prevention. Annual number of service used reaches 1000.
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