Nagation of Website
Name of Organization Christian Prison Pastoral Association Ltd
Mission Help inmates to rebuild their lives through Christ.
Assist ex-offender to contribute to social by Truth.
Core Services Inside Institute Service:
1.Religious and Pastoral Care Services
2.Religious Class and Sunday Worship
3.Rehabilitation Courses
4.Counseling Services
5.Variety Programme
6.Distance Learning in Bible Study

Outside Institute Services:
1. Ex-offenders Follow-up
2. Vocational Counseling
3. Transitory Hostel Services
4. Ex-offender Fellowship
5. Community Education
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements: Establish Transitory Hostel Services for the ex-offenders.

Pioneer projects: To establish Criminal Prevention Centre.
Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Hardcopy available for distribution
Uploaded on organisation website
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