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Name of Organization Playright Children's Play Association
Mission Playright is a charity that dedicates to advocate Child’s Right to Play since 1987. With clear vision, Playright commits to make play a part of every child through a fourfold approach - Advocacy, Play Resources, Play Outreach and Play Environments. Our professional expertise in play includes Playwork, Hospital Play, Play Environment and Safety.
Objectives To advocate the value of play and seek societal commitment to meet the play needs of every child at policy, planning and provision level, through:
Core Services 1) dvocacy -- We raise public concern about play and heighten recognition of its values
- Development and Research: Our research projects and findings enrich play knowledge and practice on the part of families and professionals
- Play Knowledge Exchange: We assist in the exchange of play knowledge by organizing international conferences, symposia and courses involving local and overseas experts

2) Play Resources -- We provide the tools, training and ideas that can make play an integral part of life everywhere and at any time
- Play Training: We provide professionally led play training workshops and courses for practitioners and interested members of the public
- HSBC Playright PlayScope: We present an inspirational play resource, which is safe, versatile to let children to explore the world around them from different angles.
- Toy Library: We manage and operate Toy Library services in the Hong Kong Central Library

3) Play Outreach -- We create play opportunities in many different settings, including schools, families, hospitals, and communities
- Hospitals: We provide children in hospital with enjoyable play experiences and therapeutic play to help them cope with sickness and fear
- Communities and Schools: Our Playmobile service turns bare, empty spaces into vibrant and interesting playgrounds
- Services for needy children
In close collaboration with community organizations and schools, we create play opportunities to children challenged by poverty, lack of resources, with physical or mental disabilities

4) Play Environments -- We create safe, innovative and inspiring play environments for children
- Play Environments Design: We promote and demonstrate child friendly play environments
- Safety Inspection: Our safety inspection services cover play facilities outdoors and in private residential estates and clubs.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Today, Playright's teams are even more firmly committed to strengthening each area of our commitment to play in Hong Kong. Playright now serves more than 250,000 children and their families each year.

Pioneer projects
Cheers for Play – Celebrate Children’s right to PLAY
Through this mass public event, we create a platform for cross-sectional collaboration to advocate the right to play for every child. Every year, this event attract more than 15,000 children and their family members to enjoy free play opportunity.

Play for ALL – Address the PLAY needs of children with special needs
Through seminar, workshop, play day and public education programmes, we draw public attention to providing inclusive play environments and opportunity for children with varying abilities.

Playborhood Community Project – Resuming a Playborhood culture ideal for children’s growth
Through the inconic Playborhood truck with music and regular play service at selected community, the project aims to re-establish neighbourhood play culture in Hong Kong.

Community Built Playground Project – child-centred playground in Hong Kong
The project promotes children enjoy the fun, adventure, teamwork and challenges involved with the building process, it can involve different community members to build up the dream playground together.
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