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Name of Organization Produce Green Foundation
Mission Mission:
To promote organic farming and greener lifestyles so that they become part of a sustainable culture of humankind.

A worldwide production of food in natural ways so that future generations will enjoy safe and healthy food, people and the natural environment will co-exist in peace, and human civilization will become sustainable.

(1) A healthy soil is prerequisite for healthy food and healthy living.
(2) Following Natural order, justice and compassion is the wisest and most ethical way to produce food.
Core Services To promote local organic movement and develop green education
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

In 1989, we set up the first Hong Kong organic educational farm in Hok Tau Village of Fanling. We started a local organic movement and green education work in Hong Kong.

In 2002, we set up the Hong Kong Organic Schools and Community Network (HKONE). It aims to provide support to individuals and groups who are interested in organic farming. Also, we offer workshops, competitions and seminars to members of the network in order to facilitate exchange and give them encouragement.

In the same year, we set up the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre (HKORC) with the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Hong Kong Organic Farming Association. The Centre sets up an organic standard and certification system for local organic products to build trust between consumers and producers.

Tsuen Wan Elderly Community Garden was set up in 2003. It has about 210 elderly members and 30 elderly volunteers. More than120,000 man-time have participated in the various activities organized, including gardening talks, volunteer trainings, guiding tours for communities, cooking classes and Tai Chi classes.

We have started to promote slow food culture since 2003, which includes setting up of the Green Eating in Community web page, organising the Organic Slow Food Carnival, Organic Slow Feast, Hong Kong Christmas Food Consumption Survey and etc.

In the past years, we produced many publications to assist our education and promotion work, such as:
(1)Produce Green Quarterly, the first and major organic periodic in HK
(2)Hong Kong Organic Living Directory, the first organic directory in HK
(3)PGF E-newsletter, online semimonthly packed with green living information

Pioneer projects:

Organic Slow Feast – The first green eating activity with a completely organic slow feast. The feast presents a fusion cuisine of ecology, gourmet and culture, and demonstrates a healthy organic feast for the earth and us.

Tsuen Wan Elderly Community Garden – The first local organic community garden specially built for the elderly, situated in urban area and in large scale. The garden may provide suitable activity, fresh air and healthy social life to the elderly. And may encourage participants to practice green living styles.

We will provide more information concerning organic and green living to public. We will also present more training to interesting parties on organic tutoring, organic farming, agricultural tourism and etc.
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