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Name of Organization Pentecostal Holiness Church Shaukiwan Assembly Limited Gilead Social Service Centre
Mission 以「兒童為本」及「家庭為本」為服務原則,採取綜合家庭服務手法提供支援、適切的資源及輔導予家庭及其子女,以提升兒童個人及其家長整全之身、心、靈發展,並提升家庭之抗逆能力.(Chinese Version Only)
Core Services Family and Children

Homework guidance services; Temporary care services; family education activities; family supporting group
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

Along with the homework guidance, we impose moral character education in order to help our clients to have a holistic development. When the parents have to do some ad hoc case, they can employ our temporary care services so that they will not against the law. More importantly, accident will not be happened in the absence of parent. We will hold different kinds of activities for families in order to enhance the communication between parent and children

Pioneer projects:

We have established a study group since Sept 07. In this group, we strengthen the paritcipants' Maths and English through games and activities. Besisdes, we also help the participants develop good charaters through games, volunteer services and religious study.
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Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance

Mr Leo Ku, Founder of Leo Ku Children Medical Charitable Foundation

Leo Ku: Understands the works of charities and join volunteer works

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