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Name of Organization The Parents' Association of Pre-school Handicapped Children
Mission 1. To advocate for the need and welfare of persons with
disabilities, and monitor the quality of service

2. To provide support to families with newborn
handicapped children.

3. To empower the parents with disabled children to
achieve self-help, and mobilize mutual support
network among the parents.

4. To promote public education towards understanding
and acceptance of children with disabilities
Core Services Organizing self help and mutual help programs or services to disabled persons and their families, e.g. trainings, sharing groups, recreational activities; promoting public education through school talk, seminars and carnival etc; voiceing out our opinion to advocate for the welfare of persons with disabilities.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects (i) Making use of parents'experience, we set up “New Parents Mutual Help Group” for arranging “old”parents to support families with new born handicapped children, in order to give them early and timely help.

(ii) Base on parents’ need, our Association had visited Tai Wan in 1999 & 2001 for understanding the operation of “respite service”, and we are the first association who suggested to set up such kind of service in Hong Kong. Finally, the service was successfully set up and sponsored by the Social Welfare Department – Home Respite Service and Holiday Care Service.

(iii) We actively participate in advocacy work related to the need and welfare of people with disabilities, e.g. education, transportation, using public facilities. The quantity and quality of various services provided to handicapped people was improved.
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