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Name of Organization Open Door Ministries
Mission Established on the 16th October, 2000, we are the social service arm of the Open Door Baptist Church. Our Mission is to provide, multi-faceted community services to enhance the spirit of caring for another, to cultivate positive biblical value system, so that families can be strengthened and effectively supported. We hope Lam Tin will become a happy community.
Core Services To build up cheerful and harmonized families in Lam Tin

1. Family support Service (Child, Women support Group )
Home Visit tutorials, parents/children intimacy activities, seminars, community resources referral etc.

2. Senior citizen Support
Regular visits and service referral.

3. Volunteer development & Award scheme
Volunteer training, leadership training, award schemes etc
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

1. Strong District Network
Although a small NGO, we strive to develop a strong –bonding with parish churches in Lam Tin. There is also regular cooperation with schools, non –government organizations, shops, Owners’ Corporations and district council to provide tailor-made service for the Lam Tin residents.

2. Promote volunteerism
- Regular volunteer training workshop, appreciation ceremony
- Diversified volunteer service for the community.
- Over thousands of service hour in Volunteer Movement and number of volunteers is increasing rapidly.

3. Characteristic of Open Door Ministries Service
Although we are a small social service unit in Lam Tin, the flexibility of service arrangement is great, penetration ability is high .Therefore, we could respond to the service need promptly and have a strong, close working relationship with Lam Tin Residents
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Mr Leo Ku, Founder of Leo Ku Children Medical Charitable Foundation

Leo Ku: Understands the works of charities and join volunteer works

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