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Name of Organization Operation Dawn Limited
Governance This section aims to allow the public and the beneficiaries to fully understand the organization, and to ensure the organization is being run effectively under a monitoring mechanism.
Does your organisation have a governing board/trustee Yes
Name of board/trustee
Board of Directors
No. of compensated board/trustee member(s) No
Method of formation  
Others (please specify) : By invitation
List of current board/trustee members
Post Name     (Serving Year)
ChairmanRev. Siu Wai YAN
DirectorMr. Kwai Hung KU
DirectorRev. Chi Kin TSE
DirectorDr. Roger Wei-Shiang YEH
DirectorMr. Kam Yuen CHEUNG
DirectorMr. Kam Lun LEUNG
DirectorMrs. Helen WAN
DirectorDr. Ling Siu Cheung
DirectorRev. Lee Kwok Kuen
No. of meetings in the past financial year: 6
Board/trustee members’ general profile:
Members consist of Reverend, Professor / Lecturer, Accountant
  • Appoint and supervise the head of staff of the organisation
  • Govern the organisation by board policies including guarding against conflict of interest
  • Maintain and oversee the financial condition of the organisation, including approval of budget and acquire sufficient resources for the organization
  • Accountable to the public on behalf of the organisation’ s work and finance
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