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Name of Organization Mission To New Arrivals Ltd
Mission MNA’s mission is to help new immigrants, the minority groups and those who are suffering from poverty to better integrate into the society of Hong Kong, to acquire strengths to face various challenges in their everyday lives, and to enable them to not only be independent but also capable of helping others. Through our work, we aim to transform lives so that the marginalized will no longer be perceived as burdens to the society but are embraced by the society as valuable lives and resources.
Objectives 1) To partner with various parties, including local churches and community networks, in offering holistic services to new immigrants and their families, the minority groups and the poor.

2) To raise the capability and confidence of our service group so that they are more adaptable to the life in Hong Kong.

Core Services 1. Ministry to Newly-Arrived - Provide holistic and comprehensive support services to newly arrived families (including those from Mainland China and Ethnic Minorities) to meet their material, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

2. Poverty relief - providing urgent subsidies like financial support, food and materials to people in need.

3. Poverty Education - Raise the awareness of local students, public and the church community about the poverty issues in HK; initiate them to take active steps to care and advocate for the poor.

4. Social Enterprise - create home-job opportunities for grassroots ladies so that they can look after their children while making some earnings.

5. Life Education - The Life Building Centre and Creation Farm located in Fanling is established with the aim to serve the marginalized youth and rural elderly living nearby. We also organize experiential activities in the farm to nurture the appreciation of God’s creation, to cultivate positive values and to promote love and care for our environment.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects We have been serving over 20 locations in HK, and with the changing needs of the society, we will keep on exploring new service locations and reviewing our service to provide the most appropriate service to our service group.
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