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Name of Organization Children's Medical Foundation Limited
Mission To develop and implement sustainable solutions in health care for children in Asia, particular for children in underprivileged situations. Through the establishment of collaborative partnerships and institutional linkages, we provides resources towards capacity building initiatives; bringing accessible health care to rural communities and strengthening community health and primary care in Asia.
Core Services Comprehensive Neonatal Health Project
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

(1) 20 Neonatal Intensive Care Units have been established in China. These 20 NICU treated more than 13,000 neonates in 2008.

(2) The NICU Network has been formed in China in 2009 to spread best practice and to develop a robust service standard.

(3) To date, 171 children have been saved by CMF through the support of heart surgeries by our Indigent Children' s Fund.

(4) Trained more than 1,400 medical professionals with up-to-date knowledge and skills of pediatric training to fill the health care gap in underprivileged regions.

Pioneer projects:

Establishment of a more comprehensive China Neonatal Infrastructure Network (CNN) through the enhancement and expansion of the following programs:

(1) Neonatal Care Unit (NCU): Establishing neonatal facilities by providing training and equipment necessary to improve the care of newborn children.

(2) Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP): Enhancing capacity and ability of medical professionals in neonatal care by establishing train-the-trainer programs and providing basic equipment to enhance the survival rates of newborns needing resuscitation assistance.

(3) Mobile Emergency Response Unit (MERU): Facilitating effective transfer of at-risk infants by setting up a transfer network and providing necessary mobile equipment to help transport these children to appropriate health care facilities.

(4) Save-a-baby Program: Offering financial assistance to families who cannot afford life-saving treatment for their newborn child.
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