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Name of Organization Chinese Evangelical Zion Church Social Service Division
Mission Through the close cooperation between Church Division and Social Service Division, We promote reconciliation relationship between: God and man, man and man(include man and oneself), man and environment (including communities, societies, Nations and the whole world).
Core Services Chinese Evangelical Zion Church is a subsidized non-profit Christianity social service organisation, which has provided social service in Tsz Wan Shan since 1970. There are three centres providing youth, children, and familiy services: Tsz Wan Shan Zion Children & Youth Integrated Service Centre, (Sub-base of Tsz Wan Shan Zion Children & Youth Integrated Service Centre) Youth Employment Training and Creativity Development Centre, and Grace Family and Children Mutual Help Centre.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

1. As a Christian Social Service Agency, we cooperate closely with Church to promote the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We not only fulfill service target’s personal, psychological and social needs, but also fulfill their spiritual needs. 2. Since 2003, our agency has chosen Balanced Scorecard as management tools to formulate strategy, to implement strategy and to evaluate our staffs’ performance. Our agency is one of the pioneer social service agency to use Balanced Scorecard in Hong Kong.

Pioneer projects:

1. 2003 our agency has set up Grace Family and Children Mutual help Centre, a self financing service centre to launch occasional child care service to aged 2-6, children development service and parent service, the first centre of same type in Wong Tai Sin District.

2. 2005 our agency has set up Youth Employment Training and Creativity Development Centre, a self financing service centre to provide one stop youth employment and counseling centre, the first centre of same type in Hong Kong.

3. Since May 2009, the "Community Caregiver" project trains up caregivers to provide in-home care service for the children aged 6 years old or below, so as to prevent them from dangerous caused from being left alone.

4. Since September 2010, the "Regain Momentum" project uses animals as them mean to reach out the socially withdrawn youth having difficulties in communicating with others or psychological problems. The project would provide them with services including counseling, clinical psychologist assessment and therapy, animal-assisted therapy, pet grooming training and practicum, social groups.

Award: “Regain Momentum” Programme was awarded Top Ten Best Practice Awards of 2013 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service.
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