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Name of Organization Chinese Evangelical Zion Church Social Service Division
Telephone 23240111
Fax 23267453
Address G/F, Wing B & C, Man Kin House, Tsz Man Estate, Tsz Wan Shan, Kowloon.
Year of Establishment 1976
Organisation Head Mr Ng Yan Ho Henry
Title General Secretary
Membership The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Religious Christianity
Political Nil
International body Nil
Professional body Nil
Statutory Status Certificate of Incorporation Ref. 49518
Tax-Exempt Charity Yes, Ref No. 91/1543
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Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance

Mr Leo Ku, Founder of Leo Ku Children Medical Charitable Foundation

Leo Ku: Understands the works of charities and join volunteer works

Elder Care Angel
Grateful That You Care
Movie "Distinction"
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