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Name of Organization Children's Heart Foundation
Mission The Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF) is a registered charitable organisation devoted to supporting children suffering from congenital heart disease. The Foundation, set up on 10 November 1994 by a group of concerned parents with children suffering from congenital heart conditions, depends entirely on donations to support its services.
Objectives • To provide financial and psychological support for families with children suffering from congenital heart disease.
• To raise public awareness about congenital heart disease.
• To advocate the development of technology to detect and treat congenital heart disease.
Core Services 1. Financial Support for Families
2. Purchase of Medical Equipment
3. Counseling Services
4. House of the Heart: A hostel service for parents of hospitalised children
5. Educational Programmes on children heart disease and children heart health
6. Parents Support Group to promote self-help and mutual help among the children and parents
7. Organise regular ward visits programmes
8. Organise developmental programmes for children with heart disease
9. Sponsor the Medical Development and Exchange programme
10. Sponsors Research into congenital heart disease
Achievements / Pioneer Projects a. The CHF initiated to the use of inhalational nitric oxide in 1998 to reduce post-operative mortality with its sponsorship. The treatment was proven to be effective and taken up by the Hospital Authority from 2006 onwards.

b. The medical exchange programme in 2010 directly benefited 2 children with complicated heart problems.

c. Over the 15 years, the Foundation spent about over HK$ 1,000,000 on medical sponsorship for the treatment of 200 children with congenital heart disease.

d. Over the last 10 years, over 10,000 occupants used the service of House of the Heart which provides a temporary accommodation for parents of hospitalised children.

e. Over 300 children participated in the CHF's educational and training programmes in 2010.

f. Raised public awareness of heart disease and heart health in children by public exhibitions which attracted 2,000 visitors in 2010.

g. Promoted heart health through the annual charity walk which attracted over 3,000 participants in 2010.

h. Over 80 heart disease children benefited directly from the counselling service and the developmental programme of CHF in 2010.

i. The CHF was invited to participate in and contribute to the steering committee and working committee of the Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics

Pioneer projects:

a. Sponsorship for using Homografts for cardiac surgery in children. Homografts are cadaveric pulmonary or aortic valves. They help achieve a more effective surgical repair of complicated heart defects. This project was first introduced by in 1999 when the CHF launched the first medical exchange programme. Since then, 10-15 children benefit from this treatment every year.

b. Medical Exchange and Development Project: The CHF invites world renowned medical experts to Hong Kong to operate on children with complex heart conditions. This not only benefits the patients and their families directly, but also upgrades the skills of the doctors and surgeons in Hong Kong. The CHF also promotes and sponsors HK medical professionals for their training in HK and overseas to improve their skills and experience.

c. Comprehensive support project for the children: Children with heart disease face not only physical pain and stress, but also psychological developmental problems. The Foundation provides and organises comprehensive training and educational programmes for these children and their families.

Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Uploaded on organisation website
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