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Name of Organization 1st Step Association Limited
Mission The Association primarily provides a one-stop services to the occupational injured quadriplegic persons and their families.
The Association is concerned about the deprivation of the physically-handicapped whose disability is caused by spinal cord injury.
Core Services Home visits, casework, volunteer training, skills training & recreation activities, public education, advocacy on labour rights & rehabilitation issues.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects (1) To celebrate a mass activity of Excellence Election for Carers in 2006.

(2) To built up a peer-group of wheelchair team who mutual support for their needs.
(3) To publish different kinds of magazine for education such as regular newsletter, major brochure and books of carers.

(4) To design a set of VCD for serious injured workers and their families , (Explaining the compensation procedure both of Legal Aid and Labour Division, introduce a series of rehabilitation facility and social service in community like on).
(5) To make a survey of Quality life of quadriplegics and carers.
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