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Name of Organization Comfort Care Concern Group, the
Mission The Comfort Care Concern Group (CCCG) is a non-government subsidized charity organization. Since 1987, CCC has been servicing the local community through a spectrum of palliative care programs. CCCG provides support to patients with terminally ill, help them live with dignity till journey’s end, and facilitate family members to cope with the loss of loved ones. CCCG is supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust and The Hong Kong Community Chest. CCCG is a member agency of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Core Services Bereavement counseling
"Walking with children" bereavement counseling service
Bereavement therapeutic group
Mutual help group for the bereavement (Sunflower Mutual Help Group)
Counseling services for the terminally-ill and their families
Befriending visit
Funeral support service
Volunteer training
Bereaved volunteer service
Telephone enquiries
Community education (Life and death education, Bereavement care, Care for the terminally-ill, etc.)
Professional training
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Life and Death Education on Youth
Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Hardcopy available for distribution
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