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Name of Organization Little Life Warrior Society
Mission 1. Promote communications among childhood cancer patients in the Centre, the patients’ families, survivors and medical staff of the Centre;

2. Provide a channel to enable greater mutual support and encouragement among the members of the Society;

3. Provide a platform to enhance ideas exchange or to make suggestions which can be implemented to foster the above;

4. Raise public awareness and knowledge of childhood cancer by publishing newsletters and books, as well as exchanges with schools or other community groups; and

5. Outreach to the Mainland.
Core Services hildhood cancer patients, survivors, severe blood diseases and their family
Achievements / Pioneer Projects The Society has taken the following initiatives since its establishment:

1. Tea parties and visiting: The Society has been welcomed by new patients’ parents as they are eager to know more about their children’s cases, treatment processes and other relevant experiences of survivors.

2. The “LLWS” choir: The choir does not only provide a platform for survivors to meet friends, but also help them gain back their confidence through performing in public.

3. Bilingual newsletters: The newsletters provide medical knowledge especially the recent medical advances, to serve as a venue for parents and patients to share information and experiences, and to raise public awareness of childhood cancer. The Society has so far published 12 newsletters.

4. LLWS in the Mainland: Dr. Xu Ming, a medical doctor from Chengdu, China set up “Chengdu Little Life Warrior Society” upon her return to Chengdu after the completion of her medical training at the Lady Pao Children’s Cancer Centre in Hong Kong. Also, a group of childhood cancer patients and their parents in Guangzhou set up Guangzhou Childhood Cancer Parent Group “廣州市癌症患兒家長會” after the exchange with us.

Pioneer projects: Setting up a “Home of the Little Life Warriors”(a children cancer patients’ resource centre) in Prince of Wales Hospital
Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Uploaded on organisation website
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