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Name of Organization KELY Support Group
Mission To empower young people and to enable them to make informed choices in reaching their potential
Objectives The KELY Support Group is a non-government funded bilingual organization which provides empathetic, non-judgmental, confidential and inclusive support to youth between the ages of 14 to 24 in Hong Kong.
Core Services Our programmes and services focus on drug and alcohol prevention and intervention and are specially designed to tackle the root causes of abuse, including boredom, peer pressure, lack of self-awareness, low self-esteem, poverty, unemployment, and discrimination. We provide:
• Harm reduction education to schools;
• Multimedia / art projects for students;
• Circus arts and peer support training;
• Youth forums and discussion groups; and
• Individual and group counselling.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects 44,038 - The number of students reached through KELY’s programmes and services to the community
21,978 - The number of students who attended Narcotics Division-funded Drug and Alcohol Workshops, as well as Community Chest-funded Stress Management Workshops
11,280 - The number of Drug Education Materials distributed to schools and education centres across Hong Kong
188 - The number of committed mentors and active volunteers we had last year
259 - The number of life skills development workshops conducted
Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Uploaded on organisation website
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