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Name of Organization Bring Me A Book Hong Kong
Mission To improve family literacy by facilitating easy access to the best children’s books and empowering parents and teachers to read aloud with children for future success in school and life.
Core Services Promote family literary for children from 0 to 11 and their families through 3 programs:
- The Bookcase Library Program
- The Book Bag Library Program
- The First Teachers Training Program
Achievements / Pioneer Projects We reach out to underserved children and families in Hong Kong to provide libraries and training programs as public resources in nurseries, kindergartens, community centers, shelters, health clinics and in the workplace. As of 28 Feb 2013, we have installed 190 libraries, served over 64,000 children and provided 9,200 parents with the confidence and skill sets required to read aloud effectively through our award-winning training program.
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