Nagation of Website
Name of Organization Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong
Mission Arts are for Everyone
Core Services 1.Advocate equal participations in the arts
2.Elevate the artistic excellence of artists with disability
3.Train the trainers
4.Promote inclusion through the arts
Achievements / Pioneer Projects 1.Internation Festival of Inclusive Arts (IFIA)
2.ADA Arts School
3.ADA Angel's Scheme
Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Uploaded on organisation website
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李嘉誠基金會Love Your Way

Mr Leo Ku, Founder of Leo Ku Children Medical Charitable Foundation

Leo Ku: Understands the works of charities and join volunteer works

Technology Donation for Hong Kong NGOs
Hotmeal Canteen
The ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association
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