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Name of Organization The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society
Mission The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society is devoted to the objective of promoting, co-ordinating and undertaking activities against cancer, which include cancer research, cancer education for the public and the medical profession as well as relief work for cancer sufferers and their families.
Objectives Beat Cancer, Your Goal and Ours
Core Services Cancer research, cancer education for the public and the medical professionals as well as relief work for cancer sufferers and their families includes
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements / Pioneer projects
In February 2006, The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society established the "Prof. H.C. Ho Memorial Assistance Program". The program aims to provide financial assistance and /or drug sponsorship to eligible cancer patients to acquire medically recommended or evidence-based expensive drugs listed as Self-Financed Items in the Hospital Authority Drug Formulary without coverage by the Samaritan Fund and/or the Community Care Fund. By the end of May 2016, over 5,000 cancer patients were benefited from the Program.

Since Hospital Authority returned the operations of Nam Long Hospital back to the Society in 2005, we proactively re-mould the hospital into the first NGO operated not-for-profit & self-funded cancer rehabilitation centre in Hong Kong. We are grateful to receive support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Clarities Trust for the reconstruction and furnishing costs. HKACS Jockey Club Cancer Rehabilitation Centre (JCCRC) fully renovated in 2008, a 110 bed residential care institution commenced service to cancer patients at different stages of their cancer journey. The society Commencement of service of 12 charity beds for terminally ill patients requiring palliative/ end-of-life care at JCCRC during 2013.

In 2009, HKACS collaborated with Hong Kong Baptist University - School of Chinese Medicine to open a Chinese Medicine Centre at HKACS JCCRC premises, with a special emphasis in serving cancer patients.

In 2015, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has funded the HKACS to launch a 3-year pilot project on “HKACS-Jockey Club “Walking Hand-in-Hand” Cancer Family Support Project” to provide tailored-made and holistic plan with the aim to reach optimal care. Also, there will be a satellite clinic run by our strategic partner, Christian Family Service Centre.
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