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Name of Organization Amity Mutual-Support Society
Mission To promote the spirit of mutual support among the ex-mentally ill;
To concern for the rights of rehabilitation;
To express their opinions and needs so that their legitimate rights are protected;
To help the ex-mentally ill integrate into the society;
To induce communication, mutual care and support between the ex-mentally ill, their family members and the community people.
Core Services 1. Mutual support: through diversification of activities, to widen interpersonal network, to play the spirit of mutual assistance;
2. Promotion and Education: a correct understanding of the mentally ill, the elimination of discrimination;
3. To express their views, fighting for reasonable rights and interests, improve rehabilitation services;
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

AMSS is the pioneer organization for promoting the self-help movement of the ex-mentally ill people in Hong Kong.

Pioneer projects:

All self-help group leaders and board members who have all gone through the torment of mental illness.
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