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Name of Organization Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps
Mission Our Vision
HKACC seeks to sustain and enhance its excellence as the premier aeronautical minded youth organization to serve the Hong Kong community.

Our Mission
HKACC is committed to serving the Hong Kong community by constantly endeavouring to-
a) Develop the qualities of leadership, self-reliance and initiative
b) Develop character, good citizenship and a love for home country
c) Develop an interest in aviation in general; and
d) Encourage members to have an active interest in aviation throughout their life

Our Values
Largely by voluntary efforts, HKACC is committed to upholding the following values as its guiding spirit -
Honesty, Justice, Tolerance, Discipline, Initiative and Loyalty
Core Services Non-formal Education for Young People; Aviation Education
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

In 2007/08, at least 6 outstanding young members successfully joined the professional ranks of the local Aviation Industry after benefiting from the Corps’ comprehensive Aviation Education and Flying Scholarships programmes, thereby contributing to the economy and safety of Hong Kong:

4 Cadet Pilots (Airlines and GFS)
2 Student Air Traffic Control Officers (Civil Aviation Department)

Pioneer projects:

Each year, the Corps provides young people of Hong Kong with 9 Fixed Wing Flying Scholarships (Australia), 6 Gliding Scholarships (NZ and UK), 2 Helicopter Flying Scholarships (Australia), 130 places in Fixed Wing or Helicopter Private Pilot License Ground School Course, 7 places in Airline Mentorship Programme, and up 1,200 twenty-minute helicopter air experience flights in advanced helicopters such as the Eurocopter EC120B and Robinson R44
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Mr Leo Ku, Founder of Leo Ku Children Medical Charitable Foundation

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The ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association
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