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Name of Organization The Society for AIDS Care Ltd
Mission As advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), The Society for AIDS Care supports and empowers community groups and individuals with response aiming at developing and implementing integrated and sustainable HIV/AIDS programs on care and prevention.
Objectives - To advocate for the PLWHA on their rights to have quality of life and rights to be respected.

- To collaborate with and to empower partners including community groups or individuals to develop integrated sustainable HIV/AIDS programs on care and prevention.

- To act as resources and support for partners in implementing HIV/AIDS programs on care and prevention.
Core Services AIDS Patients and related services
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

- Set up unique HIV patient hospice service in 1997 in Hong Kong
- Commence physiotherapy service since 1999 to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) to improve or maintain their physical abilities enabling them to develop a better quality of life.
- Set up unique holistic HIV patient day center cum provision of community direct patient care service since 2000
- The HK-China AIDS Training Program commenced since 2006 and it helps strengthen the cooperation between Hong Kong and China, and to encourage the network formation between Hong Kong and China in fighting against AIDS.
- Set up a “ Care Programme for AIDS Orphans in Henan” collaborated with the Civil Affairs Department of Henan Province and School of Public Affairs of Henan Normal University in April 2010
- In 2011, SAC established the long-term collaboration with Henan Normal University in organizing annual Social Work Student Placement Training Program, providing opportunities for Henan students better understand the AIDS prevention work and counselling services for PLWHA in Hong Kong.
- The first Mask Design Contest was held in 2012. Participants were motivated to consider the invisible mask worn by PLWHA.
- On World AIDS Day 2013, the “I promise, I will not discriminate against PLWHA” Photo Exhibition was held, showcasing photos of over 10,000 people holding our red ribbon board bearing the slogan.

Pioneer projects:
- Community home care service
- Center based and outreach physiotherapist service
- Counselling Service
- Empowerment service
- HK-China AIDS Training Programme
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