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Name of Organization PathFinders Limited
Mission To ensure every migrant child born in crisis in Hong Kong has a fair start in life
through empowering their mothers to make informed decisions to find a dignified path towards a safe, legal and sustainable future.
Objectives ‧To give migrant children born in HK a fair start in life.
‧To give pregnant migrant women and or mothers the space, time and tools to make life decisions
‧To educate and empower migrant women to better plan and live their future.
‧To improve respect and support for migrant women and their children
Core Services We offer five programs (see further details below):
1. Mother’s Empowerment Program
2. Child Protection Program
3. Education Program
4. PathFinders House
5. Advocacy Program

1/ Our Mother’s Empowerment Program provides the following services:
(i) Immigration and Documentation - The first step we take is to ensure that women and mothers, and their children have formal identity documentation which comply with the laws of Hong Kong. PathFinders cannot work with any person who does not comply with Hong Kong laws.

(ii) Access to Services and Supplies - After assessing a family’s circumstances and concerns we offer access to medical, counselling and parental training services. We also refer mothers to professionals in areas such as immigration, employment and legal, as necessary.

(iii) Develop Plan for Returning Home - We help mothers develop and execute a plan to return home with dignity. While some mothers can send their children home to relatives and reapply for employment in Hong Kong, the majority must either return home permanently or at least return home prior to looking for work in other countries. Many women find their only option is to make an adoption plan in Hong Kong for their children.

(iv) Home country Support - Prior to a family returning home, we explore and assist women and mothers to develop livelihood and business plans. New in 2014, we are further developing our home support service to prepare beneficiaries to return home and provide reintegration support to migrant mothers and their children to better settle and reintegrate in their home country.

2/ Our Child Protection Program ensures children are removed from dangerous and/or abusive environments - we provide the best opportunity for the children to be documented and supported by a permanent and protective family for the rest of their lives.

3/ Our Education Program encompasses the following three programs:

(i) “Building Lives” program offers weekly classes focused on every-day life skills training. Topics include health (including sexual health), family planning, breastfeeding, child nutrition, family values, small business skills and legal rights.

(ii) “Skills Training” program offers informal vocational training focussing on activities such as sewing, jewellery making, make up artistry and cooking.

(iii) “Child Development” program focuses on development through play for children aged one year and older. Child development experts regularly observe these interactions to identify children with developmental delays or behavioural problems and then work individually with the mothers to understand and offer advice to overcome these issues.

4/ PathFinders House provides a safe-haven for vulnerable mothers and their newborns facing homelessness or critical circumstances. We provide access to basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and supplies. We cater to physical and emotional support to both mothers and babies during the critical stages of pregnancy and after birth.

5/ Advocacy program advocates for fair treatment of migrant women and their children through raising awareness of their issues and also through challenging discriminatory policies and practices. New in 2013 and further expanding in 2014, we outreach to migrant workers’ population to educate them of labour and maternity rights issues through different channels such as public booths, workshops and distribution of related pamphlet materials.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects • Since 2008, we have successfully assisted over 2,200 migrant mothers and children towards a sustainable path. During 2013 alone, we served over 900 mothers and babies on cases and provided health and education training to over 2,000 mothers and babies. Our beneficiaries keep increasing as we become more prominent in the community. From 2013 figures, 82% mothers are Indonesian, 16% are Filipino and 2% are from India, Africa or South East Asia. 60% were able to change their visa status and legally remain in Hong Kong, while 40% returned (or in the process of returning) to their home country. For those children we removed from danger, 43% returned (or in the process of returning) home with their mothers, 40% became Hong Kong resident, 7% were referred for adoption.

• Our advocacy efforts both at the front line and government departmental level have reaped benefits. These include better coordination between government departments who provide services to our clients and the acceptance by the Social Welfare Department of migrant babies into their adoption systems. Prior to our intervention, the Social Welfare system did not accept migrant babies for adoption in Hong Kong.

• In 2011, we opened a migrant mother and baby shelter, Pathfinders House, so mothers and babies in need can stay in a safe environment while they are processing their plan to return home.

Pioneer projects:
Home Country Integration Program
Many mothers find returning to their home country with their child very difficult. This is particularly the case in religiously devout societies such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Mother and child are often ostracized by and marginalized from the community and, in turn, their access to education and the social welfare safety nets is severely impaired.
This new initiative aims at:
1. Meeting home country government departments, NGOs, international organizations and academics to raise awareness of the issue in beneficiaries’ home country and consult their view in preventative measures and resources available for returnees;
2. Assisting mothers to gain access to critical services in the long term for their children in home country through facilitating documentations; and
3. Providing financial assistance to families for the first three to six months after returning home.
Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Uploaded on organisation website
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