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Name of Organization International China Concern
Mission International China Concern (ICC) is a Christian development organisation that changes lives by bringing love, hope and opportunity to China’s abandoned and disabled
Objectives ICC is a Christ centered movement of people around the world. By 2015, we will be well-resourced to collaboratively realize opportunities that transform China’s abandoned and disabled. Everyone involved will carry the heart of ICC, its culture and its values.
International China Concern will:
• Advocate for China’s abandoned and disabled
• Empower the children in its care, its staff and its partners
• Develop innovative projects and initiatives
• Care for people and manage resources well
• Provide life-changing opportunities for service
Core Services Founded in 1993 by David Gotts, ICC exists to help the disadvantaged live life to the full. We believe every child is precious and has the right to be loved, to have hope for the future and the opportunity to realise their dreams.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects • Helped about 4,000 children through the direct care, foster care program and vocational skills training and community outreach project for over 18 years
• Developed innovative projects and brought in cutting-edge professional knowledge from over the world for taking care of special needs children.
• Mobilised over 1,500 long-term and short-term volunteers over the world to serve in China since 1993
• Trained about 500 local Chinese staff and delivered training programs in nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, special education and psychology for over 600 social welfare workers from other 60 welfare organizations in China
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