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Name of Organization Cedar Fund
Mission To live out the integral mission of the Church in partnership with Christians around the world by:
• Caring for the poor and disadvantaged people
• Facilitating the transformation of lives and communities
• Advocating and practicing social justice
Objectives “In Christ we build a just and compassionate world together” which seres as CEDAR’s Vision Statement.
Core Services CEDAR established since 1991, operates under the principle “From Church, Through Church”, serving the poor in Asia and Africa in partnership with local and overseas churches and Christian groups. Besides responding to needs in areas experiencing natural disasters and armed conflict through emergency humanitarian aid and rehabilitation, CEDAR also initiates various kinds of development programmes such as community development, community health, children ministry, education, HIV/AIDS prevention, environmental protection, etc. We emphasise involvement of local partners and communities through planning and participation, ensuring sustainability and promoting capacity building. Our work in advocacy targets systemic disparities in society, speaking on behalf of vulnerable groups. CEDAR also advocates for justice and promote the living out of Integral Mission among the Christian community.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects For past few years, CEDAR worked on a number of relief operations, e.g. Typhoon Haiyin in Philippines in 2013, flood in Kashmir in 2014 and Nepal earthquake in 2015, in addition to constant support for development projects in six focus countries (Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and China).
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