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Name of Organization Hong Kong Paediatric Rheumatism Association Limited
Mission 1. To establish communication channels for experience sharing and mutual support among paediatric patients and their family members;
2. To provide information on paediatric rheumatic diseases;
3. To organize educational seminars on paediatric rheumatic diseases for patients, their family members and general public;
Objectives HKPRA was established by a group of patients, their family members and professionals and was incorporated in 2005 in Hong Kong as a charitable organization. It aims at providing education and mutual support and experience sharing among children suffering from rheumatic disease and their family members.
Core Services Provide information, education and communication channel to paediatric rheumatic disease patients and parents.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects 1. Hydro-course:
We held two courses of hydro-therapy, conducted by professional hydro-therapist at Lam Tin and Tuen Mun. Through the course and assessment, the rheumatic disease children can release the pain and improve the joint’s health.

2. Picnics & BBQ:
In order to improve the friendship and relationship between members and parents, we organize Picnics and BBQ at Ocean Park, Disneyland, Riding Schools, Pak Shek and Lautau Island. The rheumatic disease children can get closer to the nature and play happily which can also release their pain and anxiety.

3. Health talks and Seminars:
To give more information and education torwards the public, we organize many health talks and seminars. Through these talks, members can learn the latest medical information and arouse the awareness towards rheumatic disease children. We can also learn the needs and concerns of the members through these activities.
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