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Name of Organization Children's Thalassaemia Foundation
Mission To improve the quality of life of thalassaemia patients in Hong Kong; To ultimately eardicate thalassaemia major sidease in Hong Kong.
Objectives To improve and standardize treatment for all thalassaemia major patients; To provide medical, social and spiritual support to thalassaemia and their families; To arouse public awareness and acceptance of thalassaemia patients in the society .
Core Services To create public awareness and acceptance of Thalassaemia in Hong Kong; To support the thalassaemia patients' self help group; To support medical research for improved treatment and an ultimate care; To support thalassaemia patients financially in purchasing medical equipment and accessories; To provide counseling service to patients and their parents; To provide financial support to patient's education and employment training program.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects 1) 1st successful matched and unrelated cord blood transplantation for hydrops fetails patient.
2) 1st successful matched and related cord blood transplantation in Hong Kong
3) 1st successful matched & unrelated cord blood transplantation in Hong Kong.
4) 1st successful PGD of alpha-thalassaemia in HK.
5) Screening programme to determine to the prevalence of thalassaemia in Hong Kong.
6) Employment Training Programme offering finance support to patients to enhance their academic level.
7) Establishment of Thalassaemia Chan To Haan Resource Centre, providing comprehensive service and platform to thalassaemia patients and families; and serving as an inquiry centre for public.
Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Disclose upon request
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