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Name of Organization The Hong Kong Occupational Deafness Association
Mission Hong Kong Occupational Deafness Association is a unique voluntary agency established by a group of occupational deaf sufferers. Our aims are to enhance the mutual help spirit and cohesion among sufferers, concern about preventive work and advocacy towards occupational deafness. By providing various kinds of services for members include educational programmes, hearing test, advocacy program and social gathering, to increase their abilities for coping with deafness. Moreover, we implement various occupational health activities so as to arouse the awareness of public
towards occupational deafness and encourage the at-risk workers to prevent the occupational noise.
Core Services 1.Hearing Aid Devices donation program: under the funding support from social Walfare Department of HKSSAR, Our association can help the deaf people who have severely hearing loss. We help to collect the hearing aid devices donated from citizens and then Redistribute to the deaf people who do not have enough money to buy those hearing Aid devices.

2. Home visit for deaf people by the volunteers: our association sccessfully recruited a team of volunteers and organized home visit
program for those singleton, get sick and severely deafness persons.

3. Rehabilitaion program for the deaf people: our association organized some rehabilitation seminars, educational programs and interest classes to enhance members’ knowledge and improve their communication with others and facilitate their abilites against the deafness.

4. Prevetation Program against
Occupational Deafness: our association believes that the sharing
experience of occupational deafness patients to at-risk workers can increase the awareness of the at-risk workers towards occupational deafness. The express their deafness experience and showed out their difficulty in auditory ability, free auditory services also afford to the at-risk workers in order to increase their consciousness against the occupational noise and Take care of their auditory protecting precaution.
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