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Name of Organization Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association Limited
Mission To facilitate patients and their carers to pursue a high quality of life, and that we should create and develop a better social environment.
Core Services Patient mutual-help network, medical information, financial aid for medical equipment, policy advocacy, life education for student & recreational activities.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

HKNMDA is the only patient organization for Neuro-muscular disease in Hong Kong. We have formed mutual-help groups for different kinds of Neuro-muscular diseases and funds to financial patients to purchase necessary equipment. We also raise public awareness of our difficulties, promote positive life attitude in the community and liaise with relevant organizations overseas. In 2001, we started to be financed by the Project of Self-help Organization of People with Disabilities of SWD. In 2004, we pushed the government to issue special allowance to CSSA tetraplegic patients and promoted the formation of Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund to help the non-CSSA patients. In 2006, we became a member organization of the Community Chest and held our first flag day.

Pioneer projects:

Financial aid for medical equipment consumables – patients need expensive life-supporting equipment and medical consumables to survive. We establish and manage different funds to finance the patients to buy necessary items to keep them living with dignity. This is also the only one project in HK which is tailor-made for the non-CSSA Neuro-Muscular Disease patients.
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