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Name of Organization Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women
Mission 1. To arouse the public’s concern about sexual violence;
2. To advocate formulating a complete set of policies against sexual-violence; and
3. To offer support services to the women suffering from sexual violence and help them restore their dignity and self-confidence.
Objectives Working towards a community without sexual violence against women and promoting gender equal environment.
Core Services Supportive services to victims of sexual violence; Anti-sexual violence & gender equality education
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Established on 8 March, 1997, the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women launched an individual counseling service in October 1998. The Association has been running a series of promotional and education campaigns, exhibitions, seminars and workshops in various communities, primary and secondary schools, social organizations and professional bodies. In April 2000, the Association issued its Program of “Action Against Sexual Violence”, and worked on proposals, strategies, and policy reform against sexual violence in the community.

In addition to pursuing its concern about women’s rights by arousing government and public awareness about the issue, the Association publishes a regular Chinese newsletter entitled “Combating Sexual Violence” and has conducted surveys on community attitudes. Similarly, the Association is concerned about sexual abuse at universities, and advocates legislative revisions so as to improve and provide related community services.

In 2000, the Association and Kwong Wah Hospital jointly set up RainLily, Hong Kong’s first crisis center for the protection of sexual violence victims. RainLily offers the victimized women a one-stop service around the clock, including immediate counseling, forensic medical examination and statement-taking. It also offers pregnancy prevention, screening for sexually transmitted diseases, treatments for prevention and so on. RainLily serves 200 victimized women every year, is well-experienced in the provision of an excellent and creditable service. Also, the Association set up RainLily Service Centre in western New Territories and eastern Kowloon in 2006 and 2010 respectively, mainly providing crisis counseling for rape victims.

In order to promote public understanding of opposing sexual violence, the Association, sponsored by the Community Chest in 2005, inaugurated the Anti 480 - Anti Sexual Violence Resource Centre on 22 July 2006. Our intention is to raise community awareness and deepen the public understanding about sexual violence through school and community education campaigns as well as online platforms. Anti480 offers anti-sexual violence and gender equality education to 10000 students as well as the public annually.
Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Uploaded on organisation website
(URL:關於我們/year_report/ )

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