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Name of Organization Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres
Mission 1. To promote the rights and status of women.
2. To help women develop their individual potential.
3. To collaborate and co-ordinate with agencies and groups concerned with women’s issues.
4. To advise decision-making bodies on the needs of women and the resources required to meet these needs so as to encourage provision of desired services of the highest quality.
5. To pioneer the development of resources and services that are in the interest of women.
Core Services 1.Women’s Helpline
2.Legal Advice Clinic
3.Personal Counselling Service and Self-help Groups
4.Volunteer Development Programme
5.Self-help Group Development
6.Health education for women
7.Economic Participation for Women
8.Employment-related Retraining
9.IT Education and Promotion
10.Continuing Education for Women
11.Community Education on Women’s Rights
12.Community Networking and Inclusion
13.Drop-in Service
14.Resource Corner (AV resource and books loan-out service)
15.Information Technology Corner
16.Education and Training
18.Research and Publication
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

1.Our “Women’s Helpline” which was launched in May 1981 is the territory’s first ever hotline service set up to serve women seeking help. Women’s Helpline provides callers with emotional support, legal knowledge, gender equality awareness, sexual education, medical knowledge and guide to social resources available.
2.Free Legal Advice Clinic has been in place since 1992 and aims to empower women in legal matters by way of enhancing women’s capacity in handling their own marital crisis and increasing women’s awareness of their rights as individuals. The volunteer lawyers are members of the Free Legal Advice Scheme of the Duty Lawyer Service.
3.Sponsored by the AIDS Trust Fund, we have been implementing projects to promote AIDS prevention education among women since 1998. The projects aimed to link up the community’s health systems, women and others in the community to promote sexual health among women and spread messages across for the prevention of AIDS.
4.We set up Women Green Life Workers Co-operative, Women’s Healthy Living Workers Co-operative and Women’s Eco-cleaning Team to promote women’s economic empowerment. Women Green Life Workers Co-operative is the first registered workers’ cooperative in Hong Kong.
5.In 2001 we set up the Hong Kong Homemakers’ Alliance to address the needs of homemakers, affirm the value of household labour, support women in their efforts at self-development, and affirm the status of housewives.
6.In March 2005 and 2006, we held the “I have a Date with the Legislative Councillors – Women’s Political Exchange Forum” respectively. We encourage women to exercise their civil rights and actively make their voices heard in matters of the government’s governance so as to put their collective power to use and bring about positive changes for all.
7.Since 2002 the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres has been in Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Pioneer projects:
1. Community Sustainable Development Projects
- Promoting community sustainable Development by women, youth and the business sector to produce environmental-friendly and upcyling products.
2. Carer’s Support Programmes
- Make A Difference: Building a Sustainable Cross-sectoral Carer’s Support Network
- Caring the carers and building social capital
- “Building Up Women Care-givers’ Mutual Support Network in Wah Ming Estate
- Identifying hidden care-givers in the community, and establishing a mutual support network among carers
- A New Page in Life: To Develop a Sustainable Mutual Help Network for New Arrival Women and Single Mothers
- Promoting the interaction of cross-sectors and assimilation of new arrival women and single mothers into their community
3. “Cherish Food”: Food Sharing Programme-Addressing food wastage by redistributing unsold but still eatable food, relieving the financial difficulties of grassroots families
4. After-School Care Service & Employment Support Scheme
- Providing after-school care services, releasing women into the labour force. By having more choices, women can achieve economic independence

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