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Name of Organization Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation
Mission Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (YAF) is a charity that provides access to high quality, non-competitive free-of-charge arts experiences for all young people aged 5 to 25. Established in 1993 by Lindsey McAlister OBE, JP, YAF organises inclusive and inspirational projects that reach out to youngsters of all cultures, backgrounds, languages and abilities, and actively creates opportunities for those who are disadvantaged and underprivileged.
Core Services Provide non-competitive and free of charge art education to young people
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:
Lindsey McAlister founded YAF when she was working as an artist in residence in Hong Kong schools, because she discovered first hand that many young people in Hong Kong did not have the opportunity to access the arts. A recent report by UNESCO and the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Cultures – Educating for Creativity: bringing the arts and culture into Asian education – found that Hong Kong needed to integrate the arts into the education system and that integration of the arts has the potential to : contribute to learners’ intellectual and social development, improving the quality of education and increase creativity and contribution to the safeguarding of cultural diversity.

• Every single year we work with over 900 schools and youth organizations benefiting over 800,000 young people in Hong Kong

• 92% of all participating schools are local Chinese Schools

• 67% of all the Special Needs schools in Hong Kong have participated in a YAF project

• All our work incorporates an educational elements

Pioneer projects:
YAF organizes inclusive, inspirational, free of charge and non-competitive projects that reach out to young people of all cultures, backgrounds, languages and abilities and actively creates opportunities for disadvantaged and underprivileged young people.
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