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Name of Organization Against Child Abuse Limited
Telephone 3542 5722
Fax 3542 5709
Address 13/F, Corn Yan Centre, 3 Jupiter Street, North Point, Hong Kong
Year of Establishment 1979
Organisation Head Dr Jessica Ho
Membership The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
The Community Chest of Hong Kong
Religious Nil
Political Nil
International body Nil
Professional body Nil
Statutory Status Certificate of Incorporation Ref. 84364
Tax-Exempt Charity Yes, Ref No. 91/1731
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李嘉誠基金會Love Your Way

Mr Leo Ku, Founder of Leo Ku Children Medical Charitable Foundation

Leo Ku: Understands the works of charities and join volunteer works

Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance
The ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association
Technology Donation for Hong Kong NGOs
Couple Co-creation Society Limited
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