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Name of Organization Watchdog Limited
Mission Watchdog aims to provide intensive and well-rounded early intervention and therapy programming for pre-school children with special educational needs, helping them to fulfill their full potential at the earliest possible age.
Objectives 1. To provide individual and group educational and therapeutic programmes to children with special education needs, helping them to achieve a well-rounded development in speech and language, physical, intellectual and social aspects, preparing them for entry into mainstream school system.
2. To offer parent support services for parents and caregivers, ensuring children can receive appropriate home-based training and care. Services include educational childcare talks or workshops, counseling and nutrition advice, special needs education school visits, and borrowing services at Toy Libraries, etc.
3. To increase public awareness on the importance of early education for children with special needs.
Core Services We offer a combination of individual therapy and group training sessions which include:
● Baby Groups
● Pre-school Classes
● Psycho-educational Assessment
● Individual or Group Special Needs Education Programme
● Therapeutic Service:
- Speech Therapy
- Occupational Therapy
- Physiotherapy
- Music Therapy
● Parent Support
● SEN support service to mainstream kindergarten / schools
● Social training for old school children (6 years or above)
Achievements / Pioneer Projects ● We serve over 500 children annually, providing early intervention and therapy programming for Cantonese and English speaking special needs children under six.
● Provide an expanded Early Education and Training Centre (EETC) services to pre-school children with a wide spectrum of learning difficulties of varying degrees.
● We run separate programmes for both English and Cantonese speaking children.
● Over 70% of our children are successfully integrated into mainstream classes either with or without support. These placement included schools such as the regular primary schools, the Learning Support Classes of the English Schools Foundation and the Springboard Project.
● Due to demand and limited intensive training service for English speaking children with moderate and severe learning difficulties, a 5-day training package are offered in our Jordan Centre.
● We offer a one-stop multidisciplinary SEN outreach service, comprising a range of Psycho-educational assessments, teacher training and therapy services (Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy & SEN Teacher support) to mainstream kindergartens or schools. Our aim is to facilitate mainstream schools to indentify as early as possible the specific needs of their students so as to equip their teachers to support the learning needs of these students.
● New programmes like, Social Thinking, Social and Friendship as well as Self-regulation Programmes are offered as part of our Self-financing Programme to bridge the service gaps for older children (6 years and above) who are challenged by deficits in social skills.
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