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Name of Organization Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association
Mission To promote quality dementia care in Hong Kong by providing specialized and comprehensive intervention and support services for families with dementia and advocate appropriate management of the condition in the community.
Objectives 1. To provide specialized interventions and support services to people with dementia and their families and to advocate sufficient quality services and community resources for dementia care;
2. To promote public awareness of brain health, dementia and its prevention through community education activities;
3. To provide training programmes on dementia for professionals, caregivers and the public;
4. To facilitate collaborations, experience sharing and network extension among related organizations and individuals to enhance mutual support and volunteerism for dementia in the community;
5. To promote appropriate research in the Hong Kong societal context for continued advancement in dementia care.
Core Services 1. Early Detection Service; 2. Specialized Day Centre for Dementia; 3. Inhome Service; 4. Caregivers Support; 5. Education and Training; 6. Public Education and Publication
Achievements / Pioneer Projects 2000 Operated the 1st integrated service centre specialized in dementia care in Hong Kong
2006 Pioneer the Early Detection Service for dementia in Hong Kong
2007 Established 2nd integrated service centre – Jean Wei Centre in Wanchai
2011 Introduced 6 Arts® in cognitive training, the 1st Hong Kong locally designed framework. Develop iPad cognitive training programs, the 1st Hong Kong locally made apps specific for dementia.
2012 Tailor made an Advanced GP Training Course in Dementia Care (in collaboration with HKMA), Advocated new Chinese name of Dementia to reduce stigma to people with dementia
2013 Established 3rd and 4th Service Centre in Tseung Kwan O and Tsuen Wan. Successfully applied trade mark registration for the “6 Arts®"
2014 Established Institute of Alzheimer’s Education with signature course: Certified Dementia Care Planner (CDCP) Course. iPad apps “6 Arts®六藝智趣”, won the top 10 healthy mobile apps in Hong Kong
2015 Launched Project Sunrise – 3 year pilot project to build up a districted based care model for dementia friendly community
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