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Name of Organization Hong Kong Unison Limited
Mission We believe that people are born equal. No one should be excluded from equal social participation due to differences in race, culture, language, and economic or social status.

On the basis of humanitarianism, we will endeavor to assist ethnic minorities to participate in Hong Kong society, assume social responsibilities, and attain equal access to education, employment, legal, housing, social and medical services, and all other rights given to Hong Kong citizens.
Core Services 1) Policy Advocacy
We call strongly for
-Enactment and implementation of a legislation against racial discrimination
-Equal education and vocational training opportunities for Ethnic Minority (EM) students
-Equal opportunities in employment, entitlement of welfare and public services for EM residents

2) School and Public Education
-Conduct racial harmony programs in schools and communities
-Conduct cultural sensitivity training for teachers teaching EM children and other professionals including policemen, so that they could have better understanding on EM people in Hong Kong
-School-based activities: career guidance and school talks
-Organizing scholarship programs for EM students
-Conduct volunteer training and provide volunteer service opportunities for EM and non-EM residents

3) Policy Research
-Research on education policies and racial discrimination in relation to EM people

4) Direct Services
-Referral for drug treatment and rehabilitation services
-Family Support
-Children and youth development
-School placement service
-Job hunting service
-Court cases
-Individual cases counseling
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:
1. Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO) came into effect in July 2009 after years of advocacy;
2. Increasing awareness of NGOs and civil society on the drawbacks of Race Discrimination Bill (the Bill), manifested by their joint action to call for further amendments;
3. International concern for the drawbacks of the Bill and RDO through the United Nations mechanism, as a result of our persistent lobbying work;
4. GCSE Chinese Examination being accepted as an alternative entrance qualification for UGC funded undergraduate programs provided by the eight tertiary institutions in Hong Kong;
5. EM students being admitted into mainstream schools after the Education Bureau liberated its school place allocation policy;
6. Government support to schools admitting EM students being strengthened;
7. Chinese Language Education provided for EM students being improved. Measures taken by the Education Bureau include publication of a supplementary guideline, training and workshops for teachers, research grant to universities and commitment to provide teaching and learning materials in the near future;
8. More channels of further studies for EM school leavers being provided by various post-secondary institutions such as IVE, HKU SPACE;
9. Increasing concern by different sectors of society, for example; principals and teachers, lawmakers, political parties and mass media; on the issue of education to EM students;
10. Training quota to EM residents being provided by vocational training institutions such as Employment Retraining Board;
11. Interpretation services available to EM patients and their families in public hospitals;
12. Government set up regional support centres in which interpretation and other support services will be provided to EM residents in Hong Kong;
13. Increasing public understanding on tradition and cultures of EM people in Hong Kong;
14. EM residents being able to tackle difficulties in different aspects of life through our intensive casework service;
15. EM youngsters being empowered through different means, for instance; taking  part in volunteer services and mass protest, participating in the DJ training and broadcasting programs, etc.

Pioneer projects:
1. Project on “Advocacy of Equal Rights for Ethnic Minorities”
2.“Ethnic Minorities Life Skills Enhancement and Racial Harmony” Scheme
3.“LOVE U ALL” Volunteer Project
4. Operation Santa Claus 2008
5. Yun Lin HU Memorial Scholarships for Ethnic Minority Students
6. Zonta Club of the New Territories Scholarships for Ethnic Minority Students
7. Unison Scholarships for Ethnic Minority Students
8. Media Campaign on Chinese as Second Language
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