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Name of Organization HER Fund
Mission HER Fund mobilizes resources and invests in empowering women and girls to create change in communities for gender equality.
Core Services HER Fund advances women and girls’ rights through fundraising, grant-making and philanthropic education. We give financial grants to the neglected and less-funded women’s groups and projects in the community.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects HER Fund is the only Community Fund to enhance women’s empowerment. In the past 13 years, we provided seed grants to more than 60 organizations (especially grassroots and marginalized women’s organizations), and more than 35,000 women directly benefited. Recently, we established “HER Hub” to provide transformative leadership training and organizational development training to woman’s leaders. This leads to a more effective way to make social change.

“With the Capacity Building program of HER Fund, the grassroots women become more confident and with higher independency, which is the basic element for their civil participation. HER Fund is a unique funding body who understands the pace of grassroots, and encourages active social participation.” By Organizing Officer of Tin Shui Wai Community Development Network

Newly arrived women who participated in the training said, “After the training, there is obvious improvement of my skills in facilitating discussion in ExCo meetings, encouraging their participation in discussion and leading the organization to move forward.”

To show our vision, mission and uniqueness more clearly as well as enhance the public’s understanding and support towards gender equality, we officially launched our new logo in 2018 with support from Global Fund for Women.

We have chosen purple as the main color as it is a symbol of intellectual women, and have it enhanced with a vibrant yellow color. The word HER, showcases the dynamic nature of this women’s rights organization, as the letters in the word HER look like dancing women, who are energetically advocating for equality. The yellow color weaves through the word like a ribbon, which shows women linking together and supporting each other. The “HER” is also a symbol of how HER Fund builds bridges between marginalized women and those in the wider community.
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