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Name of Organization TREATS
Mission To give every child the chance to live and participate in an accepting and integrated society
Core Services TREATS provides various integration services to all children and youth (6-18), especially those mental, physical, emotional, social challenges and learning disabilities. In 2009/2010, TREATS’s programmes reached more than 90,000 children, young people and families have been benefited from our programmes.

Our services include

- Integration Education Programme for Schools

- Experience Integration ! 1-Day or 2-Day Outdorr Integrated Programme

- Integration for ALL Community Exploration Porgramme

- Youth Development Project

- Integrated Family Programme

- Professional and Volunteer Training and Development

- Community Education Programme

- Corporate Partnership Programme

- Local Research Project on Integration
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

1. Founded in Hong Kong for almost 30 years, TREATS has evolved from a trustee to a sole organization committed to the integration of children. We use the unique medium of experiential learning, games and a variety of activities to bring together children, youth and families from varying backgrounds and with differing abilities, providing them with opportunities for equal participation and interaction, learning appreciation and acceptance of one another, developing personal and social skills.

2. Through different means, TREATS educates, changes and enhances society’s awareness of the importance of integration. In December 2006, TREATS conducted the first local research study to examine on the concept of Integration in Hong Kong. The study is not only an empirical investigation on Integration, it is also a valuable reference for the community.

3. In 1995, TREATS launched its pioneer programme “Integrated Youth Ambassadors Training Scheme”. Through a series of intensive training and community services, young people of different backgrounds and abilities are being trained as TREATS Integration Ambassadors whose mission is to promote integration to their peers and members of the community. Throughout the years, TREATS has trained more than 1,000 children and youth of different backgrounds and abilities to become TREATS Integration Ambassadors, who then reached out to 52,000 participants of the general public in promoting the concept of integration.

4. The pilot “Integration Education Programme” for primary schools was introduced in 2000. The curriculum included a series of cohesive themes on the concept of integration, specially tailor-made for primary students. Creative media tools and activities were also used to convey the message.

Pioneer projects:

Circus For ALL
By the end of 2007, TREATS has set up Hong Kong’s first circus team, make up of children with disabilities and corporate volunteers. Through interactive and amazing circus activities, we aim at fostering the self-esteem, confidence, communication and social skills of children with disabilities (e.g. the mentally challenged, visually challenged or autistic). After training, corporate volunteers will become partners of the children and they will work together with equal participation and acceptance, creating a unique experience of integration. This also breaks down the general public’s stereotyping for children with disabilities and promotes diversity in the society.
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