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Name of Organization Suicide Prevention Services
Mission Suicide Prevention Services serves people who are suicidal, despairing or in emotional distress by means of befriending, helping them to regain control of their emotions and the will to live on. We also aim at raising general awareness towards suicide and identifying ways in which suicides can be effectively addressed.
Objectives With continuous efforts to imptovr our services in the light of meeting the needs of our community, we aim at becoming the best suicide privention organization in Hong Kong, making soild contributions towards the creation of a warm and caring community.
Core Services 1. 24-hr Suicide Prevention Hotline
2. Suicide Prevention Service for Elderly
3. Support Service for Survivors of Suicide
4. Community and Life Education
Achievements / Pioneer Projects 1) Since its establishment in 1995, SPS has handled over 400,000 calls through the Hotline service.
2) Suide Prevention Service for the Elderly has been started from 1998 which was first of its kind in Hong Kong. 2,100 elderly people with emotional distress or suicidal risk have been served.
3) Service for Suivivors of Suicide Loss was developed in 2008 and over 400 cases were served. A first virtual memorial service for Survivors of Suicide Loss In Hong Kong was launched in 2009.
4) Life Education was developed in 2011, over 100 schools and 25,000 students joined our programs
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