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Name of Organization Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care
Mission Adding life to days when days cannot be added to life
Core Services Provide specialised “end-of-life” care trainings, bereavement support services and life & death education
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:
We have provided 2,400 bereavement support services to 725 families; we organised 42 bereavement counselling training courses for 1,800 persons; we organised 108 ‘end-of-life’ care training courses and symposiums for 4,970 frontline healthcare workers and professinals with cumulative training time of 1,541 hours; we conducted 134 talks, workshops, seminars and trainings to 10,945 professionals and general public; we also held 73 life and death education activities to 2,363 elders in 18 districts over the past 3 years.

Pioneer projects:
1. A home nursing programme, which provides in-home care for people with life-limiting deseases, is launched in 1988;
2. The Bradbury Hospice, Hong Kong’s first freestanding hospice, opens in Shatin in 1992;
3. The Jessie and Thomas Tam Centre – the first facility to offer bereavement counselling, education and resources in Hong Kong, opens in Cheung Sha Wan in 1997;
4. The Society pilots End-of-Life Care, a training programme to enhance health workers professional’s palliative care capabilities in 2001
5. End-of-Life Care Worker and Personal Care Worker certificate courses are introduced for frontline caregivers in 2002
6. “Celebrate Life”, a mobile life and death education programme for older adults, debuts in 2003
7. The Society organises the First Hong Kong Palliative Care Symposium in 2004
8. The Society participates in the First World Hospice and Palliative Care Day in 2005
9. “At Ease with Life and Death” campaign and book are launched. The book is distributed to the public at no charge in 2007
10. Launch the first “Life On The Train” Exhibition at shopping centre in 2008 and it attracted 5,000 visitors
11. Re-organise the “Life On The Train” Exhibition in 2009 and attracted nearly 9,000 visitors
12. Launch of “3G Quality Retirement Programme” for retired professionals
13. Launch Organise the third and the fourth “Life On The Train” Exhibition in 2010 and nearlyattracted 13,000 and 23,000 visitors respectively
14. Launch the new version of “At Ease with Life and Death" in 2011
15. Organise the fifth “Life On The Train” Exhibition with 13,000 visitors in 2011
16. Launch the pilot project of “World Hospice Sunflower Week” to echo World Hospice & Palliative Care Day 2011
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