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Name of Organization Hong Kong Single Parents Association
Mission Strengthen ourselves, help ourselves, then help others
Core Services - Employment Services:
Provide job seeking, job matching and job-skills training information to the people in need to find suitable jobs.

- Mental Health Project:
Provide psychological counseling and hotline services for the single parents to empower them in resolving problems and releasing pressures.

- Hotline Service:
Provide various counseling services to people in need of immediate emotional support.

- Supportive Services:
Include individual counseling, childcare support and financial assistance.

- Family Life and Parenting Education:
For the purpose of assisting single parents to build a sound and close relationship with their children, the Centre provides various activities on family education and parenting skills.

- Neighborhood Support Child Care Project:
It aims to provide more pilot day-care services in the neighbourhood to meet the needs of the parents and to promote the spirit of mutual help at the neighbourhood level in the community.

- Women's Power of Community Supporting Project:
Promote the participation of the middle class people, increase their connection with the middle-aged women, and launch the cross-section of complementary actions, in order to achieve mutual help and reward.

- Skills training and Interest Classes:
Organize adult learning classes & recreational activities for the single parents in order to facilitate their integration in the community at large parenting skills.

- Free legal advice
Attorneys will provide a free 15-minute consultation to answer general questions and offer legal information.

- Community Education:
Educate the public to develop a better understanding of single parents in order to build a positive & supportive attitude towards single parent families.

- Volunteer services:
Always encourage our service users to contribute themselves; serve people in need in the community.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Nil
Available disclosure of annual report, financial statement(s) or other publications to the public Uploaded on organisation website
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