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Name of Organization HOPE worldwide
Mission Bringing hope, Changing lives
Objectives 1. Provide health education and fall-risk assessment to single elderly in Hong Kong.
2. Provide academic and basic educational support and character education to children from low-income families in Hong Kong and China.
Core Services 1. Single elderly in Hong Kong - Organize volunteers to provide home visits, home refurbishment services and fall-prevention education
2. Children from low-income families in Hong Kong - Provide academic enhancement, character education, and outreach programs
3. Left-behind and migrant children in China - Provide educational sponsorships and school improvement programs
Achievements / Pioneer Projects 1. Since 1999, we have served over 33,000 seniors.
2. Since 1999, we have served over 146,000 children in HK and China.

Pioneer projects:
1. Volunteer-driven, community-based elderly fall-prevention education program
2. The HOPE worldwide Centre for Kids, established in 1996, was one of the first centres dedicated to serving new immigrant children. The Centre now serves children from low-income families and children affected by domestic violence.
3. In 2007, established a character education program based on “Character Counts!”, the largest character education program in the US. The curriculum has been translated and adapted for the local culture and context.
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