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Name of Organization Institute for Integrated Rural Development Hong Kong
Mission The Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong (IRD) is formed with an object to promote social, cultural and economic development in poverty-stricken regions of China through financial support, research and project development.
Core Services IRD now runs various student bursary, teacher training and support, health care and cultural projects in Baojing and adjacent counties in Hunan Province.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

1. Subsidized over a thousand students in Hunan Province

2. Awarded over 70 rural teachers in Baojing County since 2002.

3. Lent money to 12 rural teachers to alleviate their load of living; organized 2 English teachers training camp for 77 rural English teachers from 38 primary and secondary schools in Baojing County in the past 2 year.

4. Organized our own touring medical team (with 3 local doctors); they visited 69 schools and 50 villages provided 11,537student with free of charge body check; visited fifty villages and provided medical advice, treatment of minor illnesses and health education services to 3232 villagers.

5. In 2005, we reached an agreement with government vaccination team on subsidizing an outreach service to children aged from 0-7 in Hulu and Zhongxin town. After 1 year, it was found that the vaccination coverage had been boost from 60% to 88%.

6. From 2006 to 2008, 7 village and school health centers subsidized by us provided health services to 9775 villagers, students and staff members of schools. In 2007, 4 village hygiene centers provided low-priced treatment of illnesses over 3116 villages. The centers were most effective in reducing the number of gastroenteritis, scurvy and skin diseases (by 25.5% to 77%).

7. In April of 2009, we started a charity clinic for women and children. The clinic provided free periodic gynecologic examinations, low-priced treatments of minor illnesses, medical information, and referral services for treatments of serious illnesses. Until the March of 2010, the clinic had served 22 villages, examined over 4093 women, villagers and children. 782 cases were treated.

8. Organize talk and exhibition in primary and secondary schools to introduce the predicament of rural villages in Mainland.

9. Organise regular visits to project sites two or three times every year, taking with us donors and volunteers.

Pioneer projects:

School health center project
In 2010, we cooperate with 7 primary and 7 secondary school in Baojing county of Hunan Province to start a school health center project in order to promote health for about 12000 students through i) promoting low cost and locally available healthy diet; ii) conducting regular health check-ups & providing health education, timely diagnosis and minor medical treatments to students; & iii) ensuring food halls and dormitories meet hygiene standards by regular check-ups. We invite school leaders, teachers, students and parents work together to improve the students health and cultivate good personal hygiene habit.
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