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Name of Organization Rehabaid Society
Mission We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with special needs and to promoting healthy living in the community.
Core Services Community-based Rehabilitation: adopts a problem-solving approach and provides assessment and intervention to facilitate clients’ abilities to cope with functional problems at home, work and leisure.

Specialized Rehabilitation: supports community-based rehabilitation, by catering to clients who need specialized rehabilitation to optimize their physical, mental and social well-being.

Wellness Enhancement Service: facilitates people taking charge of their own health and promotes their lifelong wellness through encouraging them to engage in activities for:
• Better disease prevention and management
• Minimization of episodic occurrences
• Fitness and health promotion
Its major scope of service includes education, health checks and fitness assessments, consultation on health promotion strategies and resource service.

Educational Service: facilitates and supports health care staff training and client/carer empowerment through:
• Educational workshops
• Customized training
• Publications
• Community exhibitions

Information and Resource Service: enhances independence and quality of life of people with special needs and supports service delivery of health care institutes.

Mobile Centre: a traveling exhibition unit that promotes the concept of rehabilitation. It visits more densely populated housing estates, parks, hospitals and other public areas to bring rehabilitation closer into the community. An on-site wheelchair and walking aid minor repair service is provided along with the exhibition unit.

Environmental Advisory Service (EAS): an architectural consultation service on barrier-free and inclusive environments.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

In recent years Rehabaid has developed an expanded model of health care services based upon the wellness concept. It integrates the wellness enhancement concept into its services in order to optimize treatment outcomes through an enhanced preventive approach. It also undertakes initiatives to collaborate with various community partners in the organization of community health programs, with the objective of promoting the concepts of healthy aging and healthy lifestyle amongst appropriate groups in the community.

Pioneer projects:

Wellness enhancement programme for people with special needs; Fall prevention ambassador training programme; Fall prevention programme for the elderly living in the community; Disability coping and personal growth counseling service; information technology subsidy scheme for people with physical disabilities; One-stop resource centre for assistive technology etc.
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