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Name of Organization Hans Andersen Club Limited
Mission Cherish our Children, Cultivate our Community
Objectives Established in 1963, HAC purports to provide adequate training as well as readily accessible resources and training session on storytelling and on devising creative games, to serve the grass-roots and under-privileged families and their children in Hong Kong. HAC’s goal is to enable children to enjoy holistic development and to adapt to a knowledge based society. Professional trained staff has been providing storytelling services in over 200 schools, public libraries and companies over the past decade.
Core Services There are six service units in HAC. They are Diana Boyd Wilson Centre, Chuk Yuen Centre, Storyland in Wong Tai Sin District, Story Hub of Hong Kong Island, Tai O Centre and Lamma Island Center on the outlying islands.
Achievements / Pioneer Projects Achievements:

Hans Andersen Club was established in 1963. For the past years, HAC focus on serving those who were easy to be neglected by the majority. In remote areas like Lamma Island and Tai O in Lantau, HAC is the only NGO providing services to teenagers and their families, and have been serving them for 10 years. As there are many foreigners living on Lamma Island, the island is like a small united nation. HAC put effort on race assimilation and children care in the society, regardless of their religion and culture. On Tai O, known as “Venice of Hong Kong”, HAC established the Cyber learning centre. It enables inhabitants make use of the modern technology, e.g. using computer and internet, at low cost. In 2013, HAC celebrated its 50th anniversary. Large scale events included "Creative Picture Book Competition" and "Fairy Train".

Pioneer projects:
In 2014, HAC established a new centre “Story Hub”on Hong Kong Island. It provides storytelling seminars and workshops for working parents to cultivate their parent-child relationship.

“Slow Walkers in Tai O”programme also launched recently in Tai O centre. It combines the natural environment of Tai O fishermen village and green picture books, facilitate parents and children to enjoy a day out in the nature.

"Lamma Story Garden"
Starting in 2015, through creative stories, eco-tour and recycle activities, HAC facilitate parents and children to release their pressure from the city, experience the healing power of the nature, and obtain ecological and environmental knowledge.
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